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Creative Connection Psychotherapy Services

Connect with yourself on a deeper level

Creative connection refers to the idea of linking or bringing things together in a new, unique, and meaningful way. I offer an encouraging space free of judgment in which the psyche can be heard and seen. I find this allows creative connections to be made, and healing, and growth to occur. 

Everyone can benefit from creative connection; however, I mainly work with clients who are affected by ADHD, or clients who are interested in working with art, dreams, and fairytales. 

Working with Cammi

Who do I work with?

Many of the clients I work with enjoy working with dreams, art, and imagination to gain a greater understanding of who they are. I am proud to be allied with the Queer community and to be part of the neurodivergent community. I work from a sex-positive lens and welcome individuals into a creative space of non-judgement. Many of my clients are young adults working with ADHD, trauma, anxiety, and depression.

What will my session be like?

Psychotherapy, art therapy sessions, and ADHD counselling are based on your individual and unique needs. Sometimes these sessions include art, sometimes dream exploration, and often somatic work. Working together might also include cognitive behavioral techniques, mindfulness, and psychoeducation.

$165/50 minutes
$265/80 minutes
(Some insurance providers may cover all of or part of this cost)

I consider it an honor to witness your journey.

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