Making Your Heart Sing

(On Doing and Being)

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Knowing what makes your heart sing and seeking out new things that contribute to that lovely song is incredibly important in this age of doing.  When you feel joy, and your heart is singing you are BEING. You are in the moment, you are here and it is the most lovely feeling.

New Image34When we find joy in our lives we do well to slow down and enjoy it! Joy is such a gift, and we deserve to enjoy it to the fullest extent when we find it. Some people feel joy and move past it, feeling it briefly but needing to move on to do more and more. Instead of sitting and appreciating joy they only let themselves experience a tiny portion of its magic. Many of these individuals experience sadness and feelings of guilt if they stop doing because they have been taught that doing is what leads to happiness and joy. Doing is important, but these individuals are so busy doing that they have a hard time being.

As with everything balance is the key. We must be mindful of how much doing we are engaging in and make sure we balance it with healthy dose of being.

pexels-photo-747964.jpegHow much DOING is happening in your life right now? Are you listening when your heart sings? Are you balancing your DOING with BEING? And if not, can you find ways to balance these two things out, knowing you deserve to feel the full extent of joy when it happens?



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Much love to you! Thank you for existing.








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