Psychotherapy is helpful for all individuals seeking to have a meaningful connection to themselves and the world.

Psychotherapy is generally a long-term type of therapy. As opposed to a set number of sessions, psychotherapy can last however long the psyche needs it to last. For some clients this looks like a few months of working together, for some clients it looks like many years of working together.

In psychotherapy, you can expect to engage in conversations that aim to deepen your self-awareness, as well as your compassionate curiosity. We will look together at the unconscious mechanisms that might be operating in your life and try to decipher what your psyche needs at this stage in your journey.

During our sessions we will work together to establish a strong therapeutic relationship based on trust, empathy, and respect. The journey of self-understanding demands honesty, and this cannot happen without a solid, caring, therapeutic alliance.

Each individual experience of psychotherapy will be different. Some of the things you might experience in psychotherapy sessions with Cammi are:

  • Dream exploration and discussing your associations to dream images.
  • Working with metaphor.
  • An intake in which we go over your early childhood experiences as well as your current beliefs, values, and goals.
  • Working with imagination.
  • Somatic work (working to understand our bodies and the mind body connection).
  • Laughter (release is an important part of the process too!)
  • Deep emotions
  • CBT techniques and coping mechanisms.
  • Working with art


Online psychotherapy sessions are offered at a rate of:

$165/ 50 minutes (Including GST)
$264/80 minutes. (Including GST)

Sessions may go over by 10 minutes so it is recommended you take that into consideration when scheduling. Please note that all prices are set in Canadian dollars.

If you are interested in psychotherapy sessions, contact me to learn more.
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