The Grateful Future Exercise

The Grateful Future Exercise

*This exercise is not to be used in place of therapy/counselling. Although I believe this exercise to be helpful and positive I must put up the following disclaimer: By engaging in this exercise you do so at your own risk.* 

This is one of my favorite exercises for clarifying intention, understanding where you are at, getting to know yourself, increasing creative flow, and allowing yourself to play.

1) The Exercise
Using the writing tool of your choice (laptop, pen and paper, pencil, perhaps recording rather than writing) write a journal entry or a letter describing your ideal life as if it were happening right now, describe your gratitude for this lovely life!

Dear Jane,
Today I was walking rusty, who is so healthy and lovely looking still, when I realized It had been 5 years since we last talked! I am doing so well! I am living in a little cabin in the woods that overlooks a lake (Stan goes fishing almost every day)! I am writing that book I told you I would write, and I am actually enjoying writing it! I am so happy to be at this point in my life!

The important part of this exercise is to keep going! Talk about your friends, your family, go into detail. This is not intended to help create a future but rather to clarify how you would like your future to play out, and to help you understand yourself a bit better.

2) Understanding
When you are done your letter/journal entry. Re-read it and, if it feels right, answer the following questions:

1) Did anything surprise you when you re-read your journal entry/ letter?
2) Is there anything you would change now that you have re-read it (go ahead! You can do this right now!)
3) Did you experience any moments of elation while writing the letter?  Why?
4) Does your future align with your current goals? Why or why not?

The next part of this exercise is to allow your inner creator to go deeper by allowing art into the process. Pick one of your favorite parts of the exercise and depict it using your favorite medium (sculpture, drawing, painting, singing, poetry and or anything else that feels right)! Trust yourself and do what feels right.

3) Bring Art In
When you are done trust yourself to do what feels right with your letter/journal entry and art piece. Maybe they both go on your bedroom door, or maybe they both are put in an envelope to be opened a couple years from now. Whatever you do with your pieces, listen to yourself and do what feels right.

May you have a lovely, creative, and playful day!



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