Why Art Therapy?

  1. One of the most important aspects of the therapeutic experience, in my experience, is the unique relationship between therapist and client. When therapy is successful this relationship is gently dissolved and the client moves forward on their own. With art therapy the client not only connects with the therapist but also connects and creates a unique relationship to art. Thus, when the client moves forward on their own they are able to take their connection to art with them. The client moves forward with the tools to be successful and with a connection to their own creative healing force.
  2. Art therapy is successful with a variety of different age groups, ethnicities, cultures, and genders. Art does not discriminate and can form a unique connection with anyone who is willing. In other words art appears to be a universal and innate process and thus can cross boundaries other therapies may have difficulty with.
  3. Art therapy allows for meta-verbal communication between the therapist and client, which gives art therapy a significant advantage over other therapies. For instance, children may not have the neurological capability to put their emotions into words despite being able to feel them. However, art allows children to express their emotions in a language that does not require words. This amazing quality is also useful for individuals that have experienced trauma and cannot verbalize their experience.

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