Art Therapy

"To create is to live twice."

Albert Camus (The Myth of Sisyphus)

Art Therapy is an incredible process...

Art therapy involves working with emotions, feelings, and behaviors while engaging with art. The process is different for every individual; however, often sessions will involve discussing what comes up during the art making process, how you feel about your art, and how the art informs your experience. Art-in-therapy, is a different form of healing and occurs while creating art and does not involve discussion of art.  For more information check out the British Columbia Art Therapy Association

Often we can understand art in the same way we understand dreams, by looking at the objective and subjective symbols, the emotions associated with specific areas of the art, and through dialogue with the art itself. I will never tell you what your art means or is trying to communicate. Instead, I will help guide you to your own understanding by helping you dialogue with your artwork and by looking at different associations you have with the art making process and with the art itself. 

Abstract tree with rainbow leaf's

Why is art therapy so powerful?

  •  Art sparks creative thinking and creative problem solving.
  •  Art is meta-verbal. It is its own language.
  •  Art gives us a physical and visual representation of our mental state.
  • Art allows us to play!
  • Art allows us to imagine.
  • Art is deeply personal. What we create is unique.
  • Sharing art allows for deep connection and moves us into a vulnerable state.
  • Working with art can increase confidence.
  • Working with art can help with self-awareness.
  • Art is an external representation of the internal.

Interested in Art Therapy?

I would be happy to discuss how we might work together.

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