Unicorn Poems for True Believers was a passion project born out of the illustrations created by myself before, after, and between therapy sessions. 

The images took on a life of their own and I felt compelled to give them a voice through the use of simple and fun poetry. My hope is that these illustrations and poems inspire you to tap into your own imagination, create the images that want to be born, and if it feels right, give them their own unique voice through whatever means is available to you.
Unicorn Poems for True Believers is available for purchase as an e-book or a paper back.
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I am a true believer! I have been fascinated by Unicorns for as long as I can remember. The inspiration behind many of my unicorn art pieces comes from the beautifully illustrated movie “The Last Unicorn”.

From a psychological perspective, the unicorn is an animal of pure fantasy, surrounded by myth and mystery. In western artwork the unicorn is often symbolic of Christ, while in other cultures the unicorn is associated with good fortune and good luck.

It seems to me that we all have our own associations with the idea of the unicorn. I wonder, what does the unicorn symbolize for you?

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