Camillia Manchur MCP-AT, CCC, BCATR

Cammi is originally from Edmonton Alberta. After exploring the world of blacksmithing and farrier work she realized she was being called towards a different path. Cammi wanted to help others heal their conscious and unconscious wounds and to find meaning in what can often feel like a meaningless world. Cammi has recently delved into the world of writing and illustrating children’s books in addition to her work as a therapist. Cammi’s work is most influenced by Carl G. Jung, Thomas Moore, Daryl Sharp, and James Hollis

Dream exploration and connection are important elements of my therapeutic practice, both with clients and with myself. I discovered the power of dream exploration through my own experience with Jungian analysis. I knew that dream exploration and depth work were important from my own experience, and I wanted to find a way to make that journey more accessible.

Through my education and experience with Art Therapy I realized that art, in all its forms, is what helps make the journey more accessible. Through verbal discussion, dream exploration, and art-making I am able to help clients connect to themselves, to others, and to their world in a way that fosters curiosity and self-empowerment.

I am a Certified Psychotherapist and Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, A Gottman level 2 trained couples therapist, and Registered Art Therapist with the British Columbia Art Therapy Association.

I believe it is my calling to respectfully hold the stories of clients and to help them connect with themselves on a deeper and more creative level in order to live a more meaningful and joyful life.”

Andrea Rodgers BA, AT

Andrea is deeply passionate about supporting people on their journey as they navigate their joys, pain, triumphs, and challenges. She believes in an unconditional gentleness and acceptance towards self, in curiosity over productivity, and in connecting with the sparks that align us with our most authentic and expressive selves. When she’s not in the art therapy space, you can find her exploring and taking photos, experimenting with art materials, at a community event, or watching a good movie.

Andrea has a Master’s-level post-graduate diploma from the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. She has a BA from the University of Victoria where she majored in English Literature and Film Studies. Before formally entering the world of art therapy, Andrea spent the previous five years working in film and media on Vancouver Island.

Art Therapy Sessions
In art therapy, challenges can be explored through a combination of talking and art making, and I can adapt my approach to best support each individual client. We may explore structured art directives, but I will also support clients in working fluidly and organically with the art
materials, allowing the wisdom of the creative process and the image to emerge. I believe approaching the art this way can support us in learning to trust our creative instincts and intuition.

A multimodal expressive approach can also support clients in accessing their inherent creativity. When appropriate, I incorporate music, poetry, and imagery into the art therapy session.

Art therapy can support anyone curious about exploring themselves and their experiences through a combination of the creative process and psychotherapy. Some areas that I have explored with clients include relationships, families of origin, self-esteem and self acceptance, trauma, social anxiety, life transitions, and grief & loss.

No art experience is necessary.

Andrea’s Approach
I believe the creative impulse is inherent in every person, and that working with simple art materials can help us express feelings, thoughts, and experiences that are challenging to articulate. Through engaging in the creative process and working with our senses, we can access our innate wisdom and intuition, gain insight into ourselves and our experiences, and invite greater healing into our lives. The images we create can be wise and insightful guides.

Play can help us access and express our creative selves, and all too often we lose touch with this part of our lives. Through play, clients can tune into their most authentic and freely expressive selves. I support clients in leaving expectations and perfectionism behind as they explore materials, shapes, and colours, and as they begin to let their bodies guide their expressions.

I aim to support each client in their internal impetus towards growth, towards balance, and towards the restoration of their natural rhythms. To do this, I will meet you with openness, unconditional positive regard, and empathy. I believe the client is the expert on their lives and already possesses the wisdom and capacity to heal and to connect with their innate wholeness.

Theoretical frameworks:
humanistic and person-centered; transpersonal; feminist, anti-
oppressive, and anti-colonial; trauma-informed; play & creativity models as developed by Winnicott.