Fall: The Season of Transition

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Good bye hot summer days! Farewell beach! Fall is the transition period of the year. The season when plants start to put energy into making it through the winter, animals start to store fat, and humans try not to forget the lovely warm days of summer as they head into the cold dark days of winter.
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Fall is the preparatory period for winter. The time to plan and organize, and make sure we have all we need in order to survive the much harsher season that awaits.
Psychologically this is an important time to start preparing for the sadness, stress and/or chaos that often accompanies the winter season.
Winter is supposed to be a time to hibernate and a time to take our practice (whatever it may be) deeper. However, in this society winter also often means more family engagements, more time spent inside, and the holiday season. How can you prepare for this season? How can you not only survive winter, but thrive in its glory and dark mystery?

Tips to Help You Prepare for Winter:


1) Make a list of things that help you when you are sad.
2) Make a list of things that help you when you are stressed out.
3) Make a list of people you can talk to you when things get too dark.
4) Create something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. You can bring it out when winter hits!
5) Find a scent that makes you feel alive and invigorated. Make this scent a special item (whether it be perfume, essential oils, a candle…etc) that you only bring out when you are feeling overwhelmed or sad.
6) Write or draw what you hope to achieve this winter. This could be a financial goal, a relationship goal, a certain event you hope to go to, or even a type of spiritual or psychological exploration you would like to try.

Do you have any special preparations you do in order to prepare for winter? I would love to hear them!



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