Relationship Counselling

At Creative Connection we believe in helping individuals and partners grow together. Relationship counselling can be a beautiful way to strengthen your relationship(s), learn to communicate effectively, and reintroduce fun into your relationship(s).

Cammi is a Gottman level 1 certified couples counsellor, and combines the scientifically validated approaches created by the Gottmans with art therapy in order to provide a unique, powerful form of relationship counselling.

Through working with art, couples/triads/quads learn about their partners perceptions of the world and how they differ from their own. Art also allows couples/triads/quads to work together to create meaningful pieces, which are kept as a reminder of the work done in session.

Interested in strengthening your relationship(s)? Call us today to set up an appointment. We work will all types of relationships, including polyamorous and open relationships/marriages.

We are proud to be LGBTQ2S allies!