Why Therapy?

Are you feeling lost? Disconnected? Wondering why you exist, or what your purpose is?

Our services are based on the principles of connection and we focus on a greater understanding of the self in order to live a meaningful and enjoyable life. In North America we live in a society that demands individualism, a practice that often leads to intense feelings of loneliness, insecurity, and anxiety. We aim to help you understand these feelings and to help you look at different ways to move into a place of deeper meaning and purpose.

Loneliness, Insecurity, and Anxiety

These three feelings are some of the most difficult feelings to move through and can cause both psychological and physical pain. Each one of these feelings has a positive opposing force, often a force that has been underdeveloped. Through the development of positive opposing forces, an individual can begin to balance their psyche.

The opposing force to loneliness is connection.

This connection is not simply a connection between individuals; Rather, it is a connection between the individual and their self, the individual and others, and the individual and their world. When you enter into therapy with me we will work together to help you explore these connections.

The opposing force to insecurity is self-acceptance.

Once we understand who we are at this point in time, and why we are that way,  we can more easily accept who we are. Past experiences shape our understanding of the world and impact how we judge both ourselves and others.  Together we will explore the parts of you that you deem acceptable and unacceptable. Through exploring all the aspects of self we will work towards greater self-acceptance and less self-judgment.

The opposing force to anxiety is safety.

Anxiety, in low doses, is not an unhealthy emotion. Anxiety causes our body and mind to be alert to possible danger, which is necessary for survival. However, in high doses anxiety can be overwhelming and debilitating. In order to help lower anxiety, I will work with you to create a greater sense of safety. Together we will explore what safety looks like, feels like, and how it can be used to reduce anxiety.