Thoughts on Unconditional Love

Thoughts on Unconditional Love

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  • I love you unconditionally means I love you without conditions.
  • My love is not conditional upon you being successful.
  • My love is not conditional on your physical appearance.
  • My love is not conditional on your grades or your ability to spell.
  • Loving  you unconditionally does not mean I will let you abuse me mentally or physically.
  • My love for you will not diminish if I set a boundary between us.
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Unconditional love is loving you for you and being grateful for your existence.

  • Unconditional love does not mean I will support every decision you make, or your behaviors. It means I will wish the best for you in all that you do and that you will have a special place in my heart.
  • Unconditional love does not mean I will love you forever. I may fall out of love with you, and that is OK. 

    Something Simple to Help you
    With Unconditional Self- love

    New Image3Take a moment to draw or paint a card full of love. “A card full of love” will mean something different to every individual. Write a note to yourself in the card expressing your love to yourself. Try not to state reasons why you love yourself, simply state that you do.  You do not need conditions or reasons to love yourself.

    When you are done, give yourself the card . Keep it in a safe place and cherish it. You deserve unconditional love. You are an amazing, unique individual. Honor yourself and cherish the love you can give to yourself.

May you love yourself unconditionally.









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